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Alumawood Patio Cover Lights

Lighting Made Easy.


Smart, quality aluminum recessed led lights.

AlumaGlow is a true DIY Light Kit.

With our patent-pending design, they’re smart, safe, and easy to install by Homeowners.

Light Kits are complete with everything you need to install and simple enough to be installed by a do-it-yourself homeowner.

As for any home improvement, always check with your local building authority for your local requirements.

Designed to work with Alumawood.

Insulated, non-insulated, and laguna lattice.

Kits are available from 2 Bays with 2 Lights Per Bay up to 6 Bays with 3 Lights Per Bay.

The four inch recessed lights provide an even spread of light. We recommend spacing the lights evenly to create a relaxing atmosphere your entire family will enjoy.

Make your patio smart.

Through Alexa and Google Home, voice control allows you to say “Alexa, turn on patio lights,” or “Hey Google, dim lights to 50%”.

Or, control the lights with your phone or tablet from anywhere through your home’s WiFi. You can automatically set schedules to turn on the lights when you return home and to go off at bedtime.

And for a more traditional user, a standard remote control is also included.

Is there a recommended layout for the lights?

You have the control to determine the light locations. We do have recommended locations for the lights. However, you do have the freedom to put however many lights you want, where you want them.

What tools do I need to install?

To install the AlumaGlow kit, you will need a pair of wire strippers, a drill with Phillips bit, a 1/4″ drill bit, a 4 1/4″ hole saw, and a ladder.

How bright are AlumaGlow Lights?

The led lights are soft but very bright at full power, and each light is equivalent to a 60w incandescent bulb. With several recessed lights, it is necessary to be able to dim them down, which can be done with the included remote, smart device or by voice through Alexa or Google Home.

Do I connect AlumaGlow to my porch light switch?

No, you do not connect AlumaGlow to your porch light switch. Most customers use their porch switch to operate their patio cover ceiling fans. AlumaGlow works by remote, voice, or smartphone.
You will not have to add another switch inside your home, saving you hundreds of dollars in wire, switches, and an electrician.

Where do I buy AlumaGlow?

We do not sell directly to the public. You must purchase AlumaGlow from an Authorized Dealer.

Ask your Alumawood dealer for AlumaGlow!