Aluminum Patio Cover LED Lights for the DIY homeowner.

With easy installation and no need for an electrician, these high-quality recessed downlights will effortlessly create an inviting ambiance you’ll enjoy every night.

AlumaGlow’s recessed lighting kits have revolutionized the patio cover industry, providing an elevated experience for your aluminum patio cover.

Enhance your outdoor space by incorporating the AlumaGlow Light Kit, as a patio cover offers more than just shade. Embrace the outdoors and create cherished memories with your loved ones during peaceful evenings on your patio.

The AlumaGlow DIY Light Kit has everything you need and is simple enough to be installed by a do-it-yourself homeowner.

What sets AlumaGlow apart is its use of low voltage, eliminating the homeowner’s fears of complicated electrical work. With AlumaGlow, you can say goodbye to running conduit and figuring out what materials to buy, with trips back and forth to the local big box store, not to mention the high cost of hiring an electrician.

Our easy-to-install kit takes the guesswork out of recessed lights. Mount the box to your home, plug it into a 120v outlet, run the included wire on top of the roof, and connect it to the recessed lights.

Rest assured, all the necessary hardware, wall clips, wire connectors, and grommets are included, saving you time and hassle.

What color are the AlumaGlow lights?

The lights are a warm white, at 3200K. AlumaGlow LED lights provide an even, warm spread of light to create a relaxing atmosphere your entire family will enjoy while relaxing, cooking on the BBQ, or hosting a party.

AlumaGlow patio cover lights in a non-insulated patio cover

How long will the lights last?

The lights will last 50,000+ hours and come with a one-year guarantee.

High-quality aluminum housing for durability and a low-profile design fits into insulated and non-insulated roof panels.

Installing lights in roof panels is easy with the industry standard spring clip design. You fold back two spring-loaded arms that you release to lock in place.

Are the lights bright enough?

Yes, at 650 lumens, the led lights have enough power to be effortlessly bright, or soothingly soft – the choice is yours.

  • Bright When Needed: Up to 650 Lumens – shines brightly to illuminate your space.
  • Warm & Soft: Engineered for comfort – no harsh lights, just a cozy glow.
  • Fully Adjustable: Dim to your desired level – control with the remote, smart device, or voice commands (Alexa/Google Home).
  • Versatile & User-Friendly: Perfect for every moment – from dinner parties to quiet evenings at home.

Make your patio smart.

Through Alexa and Google Home, voice control allows you to say “Alexa, turn on patio lights,” or “Hey Google, dim lights to 50%”.

Or, control the lights with your phone or tablet from anywhere through your home’s WiFi. You can automatically set schedules to turn on the lights when you return home and to go off at bedtime.

And for a more traditional user, a standard remote control is also included.

AlumaGlow Pergola Light Kit

Works with popular aluminum patio cover manufacturers.

Use with Alumawood, Duracool, Four Seasons, and Duralum with non-insulated, insulated, and pergola lattice covers.

Is there a recommended layout for the lights?

You have the control to determine the light locations. We do have recommended locations for the lights. However, you do have the freedom to put however many lights you want, where you want them.

What tools do I need to install?

To install the AlumaGlow kit, you will need a pair of wire strippers, a drill with Phillips bit, a 1/4″ drill bit, a 4 1/4″ hole saw, and a ladder.

Do I connect AlumaGlow to my porch light switch?

No, you do not connect AlumaGlow to your porch light switch. Most customers use their porch switch to operate their patio cover ceiling fans. AlumaGlow works by remote, voice, or smartphone.
You will not have to add another switch inside your home, saving you hundreds of dollars in wire, switches, and an electrician.

Always check with your local building authority for your local requirements with any home improvement.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our light kits.