Get the light kit that best fits your patio needs.

You can decide how many lights you want and where you want them located. 

AlumaGlow Light Kits

What comes with the kit?
The kit comes with recessed lights, control box, remote control, wire and hardware.

How do I choose what light kit I need?
Choose the total number of lights you would like to have, the lights come in light sets, and you determine how many sets you need for your size of cover. 

What is a light set?
A light set extends from the back to the front of your patio cover. Each light set has either two or three lights. 

Light Kits with Two Lights per Light Set

Suggested Retail Prices.

Light Kits with Three Lights per Light Set

Suggested Retail Prices.

Shorter projections will use two lights, and larger projections generally above 16 feet use three lights.

The number of light bays will is determined by the length of the patio cover, and the number of ceiling fans you have. Most customers choose to have lights to the left and right of each ceiling fan.

This is the common number of light sets by patio cover length.
2 Light Sets for up to 20 Feet Long Patio Cover
3 Light Sets for up to 30 Feet Long Patio Cover
4 Light Sets for up to 40 Feet Long Patio Cover
5 Light Sets for up to 50 Feet Long Patio Cover
6 Light Sets for up to 60 Feet Long Patio Cover