Alumaglow 8 Light Kit

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8 Light Kit
4 Light Bays
2 Lights Per Bay



AlumaGlow 8 Light Kit: Illuminate Your Patio


  • The AlumaGlow 8 Light Kit is the ultimate outdoor lighting solution, offering ease of installation, versatility, and energy efficiency. Designed for homeowners, no electrician required.


  • Non-insulated flat panels
  • Insulated foam panels
  • Pergola lattice covers


Key Benefits:

  1. DIY Friendly: Easy to install by homeowners.
  2. No Electrician Needed: Low voltage for safe and straightforward setup.
  3. Bright & Energy Efficient: High-quality, commercial-grade materials ensure durability and performance.
  4. Versatile: Compatible with Alumawood, Weatherwood, and Four Seasons patio covers.
  5. Comprehensive Kit: Includes everything needed, avoiding extra trips to the hardware store.
  6. Smart Features: Operate with a remote, built-in WiFi controls, and compatibility with voice controls like Alexa and Google Home.
  7. Low Light Ambiance: Unique capability for very low lighting, perfect for enjoying the night sky.
  8. Long-Lasting: Lights last 50,000 hours, ensuring years of service.
  9. Waterproof Outdoor Control Box: Designed to withstand the elements.
  10. Convenient Power Connection: Connects directly to an outlet, no complex wiring required.
  11. 2-Year Warranty: We stand behind our products.
  12. Free Shipping: Shipped anywhere in the Continental U.S. for free.


What’s Included:    

  • 8 – 4″ recessed round lights
  • Remote control for easy operation
  • Outdoor control box (waterproof)
  • Wire and Connectors
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for smart control
  • Installation guide


What’s Not Included:
To complete the installation of the AlumaGlow Light Kits with certain types of patio covers, additional materials not provided in the kit may be necessary.
These materials are specific to the type of patio cover you have and are essential for a seamless integration.

  • For Non-Insulated Patio Covers: Installation requires a 4 1/4″ hole in the roof panel and a piece of flashing for the top.
    While these components are not included, they can be sourced from Alumawood dealers or alternatively, you can craft a custom solution.
  • For Pergola Lattice Covers: Additional rafter materials and brackets will be needed to fit between support rafters.
    These can be obtained from Alumawood dealers or fabricated locally to meet your needs.

Important Note: Alumawood dealers offering our light kits typically provide these extra materials as part of your patio kit purchase.
For a hassle-free experience and compatible materials, consider purchasing your patio kit from recommended dealers like


Customer Review: “Tiffany Wiltrout: This kit came with everything you need! The AlumaGlow lights are perfect, can be very bright or low for ambiance.”


Compatible Patio Cover Manufacturers:
Most aluminum patio cover manufacturers work with the AlumaGlow Light Systems.


Retrofitting Existing Installed Covers:
Retrofitting the AlumaGlow Light Kits to existing patio covers, whether non-insulated, insulated, or pergola lattice styles, is feasible with the right approach:

  • Non-insulated Flat Panels: These covers feature flat panels that should not be walked on directly. Use of plywood planks for installer access is a common practice, though assessing safety risks is crucial.
  • Insulated Foam Panels: Retrofitting is more challenging due to the need for wiring through panel interlocks. Utilizing a Flexible Drill Bit for Wire Pulling has proven effective for professional electricians in installing lights and running wires.
  • Pergola Lattice Covers: Thanks to their open lattice design and exposed rafters, wire routing is straightforward, simplifying the installation process.


Easy Operation:

  • Remote control to turn on/off and adjust brightness
  • Built-in memory for last brightness setting
  • Schedule automatic on/off


Installation Made Simple:

  • Step-by-step guide for quick setup
  • No need for professional electrician assistance


Buy Now:

  • Elevate your outdoor living space with the AlumaGlow 8 Light Kit. Experience unmatched convenience, quality, and ambiance.

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